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Lame endings for web comics - Stephan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lame endings for web comics [Jan. 8th, 2009|09:51 am]
Hi all,

This is a topic that I E-mailed to my self, intending to save it for the weekend. However we've had a heatwave in New South Wales (poor Batty must be cooked out there in the west) and I'm trying to cheer myself up. The weather has finally cooled down today, and I just need to boost my spirits in order to survive the next few hours in the office.

2008 has been a year in which several long-running web comics have ended, or have been announced as ending. On the one hand I can see an author (DC Simpson) who spent much time working to achieve an ending worthy of the reputation that the comic has earned over the years, while elsewhere I can think of at least THREE where the endings were IMHO rather lame; insubstantial and lacking a proper sense of closure, or just cut short. Not naming any names, but one of these three web comics was linked to the Cross Time Café (the origin of a certain character).

(FYI - for my own web comic, I'd like the story to continue even after I die… or become too infirm or senile to continue writing. I can only hope I'll find people with the talent and devotion to continue my work).

Now being an especially story-driven reader and writer, I'm keen to hear opinions on the matter of how important everyone regards endings to web comics. One humble request: if you provide examples please only mention the name(s) of either the web comic or author for the positive comments. For negative comments just hint at which web comic is concerned.

Q1: How much do you appreciate when a web comic author properly ties up all the loose ends in a comic? (Personally I regard killing off characters as a very lazy means to this end).

Q2: Do you prefer comics where the author gives a clear impression that there would be an "off camera" continuity for the comic? (A good example is Calvin & Hobbes).

Q3: How much do you enjoy grand and awe-inspiring endings to a web comic?

Q4: If an author gave an abrupt or dissatisfying ending to a web comic in order to commence a whole new comic, would this make you less likely to begin reading the replacement comic?

Q5: Does receiving a non-ending to a web comic make you feel that the author has been disloyal or disrespectful to their audience? (Unplanned ending, deliberately ambiguous, non-canon ending, recursive, plagiarised etc).

[User Picture]From: thefoxaroo
2009-01-08 01:48 am (UTC)
LOL - well put! I certainly agree that a comic should be put out of its misery when the author(s) are no longer willing or able to maintain the standards, format or continuity. Frankly I venture my opinion that this applies to the Doctor Who series as well; it was better left to the memory than to "revive" it as this series which bears no resemblence whatsoever to the original (foxaroo digressing as usual :P)

There have been some web comics for which I'm very satisfied and impressed with the ending. Ozy and Millie gets my approval, and so too did the ending for Fur Will Fly which was grand and splendid, although in the case of both the notion of a wedding ending is lacking some originality.
(I'm very, very tired at the moment and can't recall which other web comics have ended recently).
FWF ended with a line-up of the cast, which is something that I believe should have been the way to doe for for a certain other web comic that ended just recently.

How does everyone feel though, where little or no attempt has been made for the ending? There's one particular web comic I have in mind where just before it completely went to hell, a number of uninspiring fillier episodes were bound into the strip, indicating that the author had simply lost interest. Then the plug was simply pulled. To me it's like the author thumbing their nose at the audience.
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