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6th February, then offline for 3 weeks - Stephan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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6th February, then offline for 3 weeks [Oct. 26th, 2008|09:55 am]
I finally remembered to take the paperwork home with me when I left on Friday.

As mentioned in my previous post, my operation is scheduled for the 6th February, and then I'll be offline for 3 weeks. Incidentally, the reason I'll be away is not actually for recuperation but because the landlord wants to re-tile the bathroom of my apartment.

Now to the medical costs, and here I received a bigger shock even than learning about the state of my shoulder. All of the out-of-pocket expenses had been very slight until I received the quote for the anaesthetic. I will be personally slugged for an estimated AUD$788.00. The full quote is AUD$1664.00, minus AUD$412.00 from the public health service, and then about AUD$464.00 from my health insurance. I'm puzzled to understand why my health insurance fully covers the scheduled fee of the operation, and yet the anaesthetic is considered a luxury.

A further complication is my high resistance to any drugs, including anaesthetic. Aspirin and other painkillers have a much shorter time of effect on my body than most people, and once before I was in an operating theatre in Newcastle and I started to come around during the middle of the procedure.

I'll need to be a good foxaroo and stay asleep this time.

The full scheduled fee for the operation itself is AUD$1,826.80. I've telephoned twice to confirm this is fully covered by my health insurance.

Not covered is the arm-sling, AUD$176.00, or the hospital overnight stay, $50.

Therefore the projected out-of-pocket costs for me altogether is AUD$1014.00, *IF* everything goes according to plan. Already that's nearly a fifth of my life savings, but the alternative is a left arm that has no strength. Little wonder I've been having difficulty opening jars in the kitchen.