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Still at work - because of someone ELSE'S mistake - Stephan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Still at work - because of someone ELSE'S mistake [Oct. 19th, 2007|07:06 pm]
7:10pm and I'm still in the damned CBD.

Earlier this week I was asked to perform a massive undertaking; organise an excel spreadsheet that had the data of 5541 shareholders, with 43 pieces of information for each holder. The data was spewed out of the database chronologically, but the recipient wanted this ordered by shareholder.

Since there are only two staff members in the entire office with the proficiency to undertake this monumental task, it was given to me.

Well I did it, and I did it in a way that allowed me to double check at each stage.

Then just 15 minutes before closing time the senior who had given me the data told me that the figures were out by $459.40, and charged me with the duty of locating the error among over 20,000 number cells. So because I'd created the initial monolith, I was guilty without charge of causing the error...

...however I found the cause far sooner than expected. One of the holders had been duplicated, and this doubled all his figures This error was in the original data supplied to me; not my fault at all.

I'm going to have fun reporting this in on Monday. This **WILL** look good on my employee record.

However it has completely fouled up the plans I had for this evening. :x Grrrr!!!

[User Picture]From: dhlawrence
2007-10-19 03:56 pm (UTC)
Everything balances out!

On a topic you'll appreciate, I was informed of a new LJ group you might like: rails_n_tails!
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[User Picture]From: thefoxaroo
2007-10-19 05:45 pm (UTC)
Whoo! Sounds VERY interesting. VERY interesting!

I'd dive right in if it wasn't 3:45am on this blighted spot of the globe, but you can be sure I'll take a look when my brain has recharged! ;)
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[User Picture]From: carlfoxmarten
2007-10-20 05:30 am (UTC)
No, no, because you're there, it's a better place!
Remember that!
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[User Picture]From: carlfoxmarten
2007-10-20 05:33 am (UTC)
I'm glad you managed to find out it was somebody else's fault.
(however, if you had more access to the database and had the knowledge to use it, you'd probably have been done much sooner. Unfortunately, such is life...)
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[User Picture]From: thefoxaroo
2007-10-20 08:18 am (UTC)
Oh I have the same access to the database as the other Client Support Officers, just that this wasn't one of the clients I support. The Relationship Manager who oversees this client's account is a good chap, but among his flaws is the belief that my skills with Microsoft Excel can transform gibberish into gold.

When the error appeared in the grand totals he assumed that in my (gargantuan) effort there was human error. I have no idea why the particular shareholder's figures were doubled, but I'm delighted that I can prove it wasn't my own oversight (unlike that slip-up with the letter mailing).
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