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Perri had to cancel :( - Stephan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Perri had to cancel :( [Dec. 17th, 2010|05:17 pm]
Perri phoned me at about 4pm to say that she had to change plans at short notice. I'll let you all know if she gets in touch with me again.

In other news, Doc Nickel finally posted one of the 27 questions I sent in:

1) To Sandy:
You first appeared in the comic in the 2004 Christmas Party story arc (http://www.the-whiteboard.com/autowb403.html) but we don't know how it was that you came to be there. Were you Swampy's date?

2) To Rainman:
As a herbivore myself I often find it intimidating to associate with carnivores. How to you feel about them?

3) To the cast in general: Have any of you ever been overseas? Anywhere in the southern hemisphere? Anywhere... say... to a former British penal colony? :)

3) To Jinx:
What got you interested in the sport?

4) To Doc:
Where, when & how did you hire Roger? Supplementary quesiton: Have you ever regretted it enough to want to make a decision on the matter?

5) To Roger:
Similar questions to the above, positions reversed.

6) To Swampy:
Are you and Sandy going to get hitched?

7) To Jake:
Have you considered "Sergeant Stripes" as a nickname?

8) For Doc and Rodger - are either of you registered organ donors?

9) For Doc, have you ever thought of building a marker that ejects paintballs with a high spin so that they curve in flight?

10) For Rodger and Swampy - have you ever tried duct taping Doc to the ceiling while he's asleep, or is the ceiling not able to withstand the load?

11) Sandy, how is it that we never see you at college? Are there any other attractive girls in your class? XD

12) For the males in TWB - are there any women in your area that DON'T have bad tempers?

13) For Rodger - how old is your nephew Gilbert now? (from episode 99)

14) For anyone - do you have any local citizens who are hybrids? (Example of a hybrid: Zigzag the tiger-striped skunk who was halloween cameo'ed in episode 220)

15) Speaking of the halloween episodes, do you use some kind of quantum reality tunneling device to allow cast members of other comics to visit?

16) Doc, that girl you were chatting to in episode 172, did you ever see her again?

17) Trick question: Roger, how heavy would say Sandy is? (ref: episode 440).

18) Trick question: Doc, how heavy would you say Pirta is? (ref: episode 808).

19) Jake, how would you feel about the nickname "Stripes" since (as per episode 502) you don't want anything concerning smelling or odours.

20) Doc, another paintball gear shop was mentioned in episode 507. Have you bombed it yet?

21) Pirta, where did you learn to dance? (ref: episode 844)

22) Doc or Rodger, could either of you invent a dream recorder so that we can get a DVD copy of Doc's dream from episodes 966 to 970?

23) In episode 1133 someone asked if the pizza teleporter had been left on, because people started to vanish at random. Is it large enough to translocate a person?

24) Doc, in episode 1154 you mentioned skydiving. Can you really play paintball while skydiving? :P

25) Any chance you guys could build a snowball catapult and chuck some of your excess snow down here to Australia during November through February?

26) Doc, it's very evident that you possess the technology for time travel. Are we ever going to see a story arc where you use it? ON CAMERA!?

27) When you guys are looking toward we readers... what exactly is the scene that you're able to see from your side?

[User Picture]From: deckardcanine
2010-12-18 06:40 pm (UTC)
Too bad about the cancellation.
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